"If You Scam Me, I Will Stab You.." (Shady Oaks SMP)

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This is a brand new Minecraft SMP! This Minecraft SMP features old school Minecraft AMworldsrs where we go to chill... or cause havoc!
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  • i unsubscribed for what you did

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  • yo its the dream smp but you can follow the story line

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  • Congrats on 25 mill, Dan!!!

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  • I love this OG music at the end of the best British AMworldsr

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  • What just happened?

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  • Shady oaks: ep 7: Scamming, and stabbing: Squid orders Dan to get the kindness sword from Thnxcya, but Thnxcya and Dan have a plan! Dan gets the curse book and curses the kindness sword! When Squid gets the sword and finds out the sword is cursed, things dont go the way Thnxcya and Dan planned......

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  • Grind stone question mark question mark

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  • 25 million

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  • Petition to get Ph1ilza and Popularmmos to join and maybe stampy

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  • Petition to get Ph1ilza and Popularmmos to join and maybe stampy

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  • Petition to get Ph1ilza and Popularmmos to join and maybe stampy

    Saad MalikSaad Malik17 ժամ առաջ
  • when you realise shady oaks is from the movie up by disney and pixar

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  • Can u make episode 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 pls

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  • They should add stampy cat

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  • Add FGTEEV they used to play minecraft back in 2016

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  • get a grind stone

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  • Make more episodes

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  • Me: |•watches dream smp•| Also Me: I'm getting egg vibes...

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  • So when uhh.. when’s the next one coming out..

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  • lol

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  • Play rec room

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  • How about if squid dis enchant the sword of kindness 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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  • the chaos is coming

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  • I'm excited about the lore, but even though Squid is mysterious, I'm rooting for Dan to become corrupt and the most powerful-

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  • I just now noticed that the name of the smp is also the name for the old people resort in the movie up

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  • Who thinks that stampy should join?

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  • Squid: It belongs to me Future John Walker hmmmmm?

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  • Squid:dan you betrade me! I trusted you! DAN:Im Sorry!your not the owner of that sword!

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  • Invite ssundee and Captainsparklez

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  • Wait is Shady oaks a survival/roleplay server-

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  • Why did you stop making more shady oaks vids

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    • He hasn't. He stream it over on Twitch, he just hasn't uploaded anything in a while on here.

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  • So Dan’s a double agent

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  • Hey @DanTDM start uploading on youtube your twitch streams are too long pls

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  • 💎 ✨𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙳𝚒𝚊𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚍 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚌𝚊𝚛𝚝✨💎

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  • can i join im very popular

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  • When will he upload shady oaks again

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  • Nothing...Nothing for a month

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  • Squid has probably joined the dream smp and now he got infected by the egg and is listening to the egg

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  • He’s corrupt squid is literally holding the ring kinedness is the ring it is the presses

    S DS D3 օր առաջ
  • Squids Gollum 100%

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  • Squid: “I will stab you” Minecraft: peaceful music

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  • Im getting Lord of the rings vibes.

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  • I cant whait for a new vid

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  • I think the red thing on squids arm is the red egg in dream smp but in shady oaks

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  • Squid is turning into Gollum, and is probably gonna be the antagonist of the series.

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  • Pls add BadBoyHalo, SB737, Philza, and vikkstar

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  • you need to add stampy

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  • Call SB to defeat Squid. SB is good at pvp. Also can't you grindstone the sword?

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  • Couldn't he just use a grindstone

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    • Curses don’t come off on grindstones

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  • can’t squid just disenchant the curse

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  • Invite tommy to the server

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    • its for OG minecraft youtubers

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  • I somehow got so used to dan wearing glasses, that when he doesnt wear glasses he looks- weird for me LMFAO

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  • Can you make another SMP video?

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  • 19:20

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  • Pls make more it has been a month

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  • please get another horse and name it/him/her slow horse

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  • IS there going to be anymore?

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  • I am banned from his stream for saying the n word in chat

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  • i want more shady oaks

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  • Lore????

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  • They should invite Ethangamertv

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  • Bro he insane he is talking to a sword you need to destroy kindness

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  • me wants to join sMp

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  • You can just grind stone it I dumbass

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  • Petition to add stampy to the SMP

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  • When will the rest of the shady oaks be uploaded?? If it will be :)

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  • Plz try out genshin impact next

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  • 19:17 og music? Only Ogs will remember

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  • Can u star uploading shady oaks again pls

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  • Kindness gives me the vibe of the music discs from Dream's SMP and I'm here for it New SMP series to be addicted to Plus we're what, 7 eps? into this SMP and there's already juicy drama lol

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  • I’m waiting for a war😏😏

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  • If he sticks it in a grindstone the curse should come off.

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  • f

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  • People who should join shady oaks. LDshadowlady Popularmmos GamingwithJen Captainsparkelz Stampy Squaishy Skydoesminecraft Unspeakable Ssundee Pinksheep Explodingtnt Logdotzip Antvenom Lforlee And yes I know about Stampy saying no but he should still be on

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  • Dan you need to remake Leshoot in this SMP

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  • Hi I really love your videos you are my favourite AMworlds your videos are amazing

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  • Has anyone noticed that dantdm is growing a mustache

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  • when's your next Shady Oaks vid? I'm really liking the series!

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  • Please add Pat Jen and Stampy to shady oaks

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  • Is stampy ever gonna join

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  • the end is near . . . the point where it's still not even close

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  • If you don’t add stampy I’m gonna be so mad!!

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  • If I got the curse of vanishing on kindness Hello grindstone my old friend . . \/

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  • How do you access the world? If you know please tell me.

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  • Get CaptainSparklez and SethBling in here!

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  • back to street fighter?

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  • Can you please do ep 8

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  • Damn just use a grindstone

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  • UwU

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  • 6:00 coming back later

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  • I thought you can remove the "Curse of Vanishing" with a grindstone!

  • Hi Dan just wanted to say love your videos and I have been watching you for 3 years and you never fail to entertain me so thanks

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  • Add ssundde to the server

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  • The fact I have been watching you since I was 5 and iam almost 12

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